Does ETHMIX store logs?

Our Ethereum mixer stores information only for the time of the completion of the mixing order and only those, that are technically necessary. After a ETH mixing order is completed, and you will close order it is deleted immediately.

Can I Use ETHMIX With VPN or TOR?

ETHMIX can be used with a VPN, but we highly recommend use the Tor browser.

What Currencies Do You Support?

Ths is ETH mixer only

What is the service fee?

0.5% for all orders

How Do I Use ETHMIX?

Using ETHMIX is very simple

  1. Create a new wallet address or use your old
  2. Go to https://ethereum-mixer.top/start-mixing-eth/
  3. Input your wallet address for receive mixed eth
  4. Choose time delay
  5. Join the ETH mixer pool by depositing it from your wallet
  6. Receive mixed ethereum coins to your new wallet

To start your mixing order – click here
If you have questions feel free to contact us – click here